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US.Mil.Spec Strategy - Axis of Evil 2.0

https://syrianfreepress.wordpress.com/2015/07/10/axis-of-evil-2/ Targeting Russia, China, Iran, Syria, North Korea: The Hidden Details of the New US National Military Strategy [Axis of Evil 2.0] US.Mil.Spec Strategy - Axis of Evil 2.0 10 Friday Jul 2015 Posted by syrianfreepress in American tyranny, China, Conspiracy, Iran, Korea, Plots, Russia, Russian borders, Russian Defense System, Russian warships, Terrorism By Proxy, US Congress, US intelligence, US regime, US-backed coalition, USA, USA Crimes, USA Military, USA plots, USA-led Coalition, USA-Russia, war, War by Proxy, War Strategy, World War 3, Zbigniew Brzezinski ≈ 1 Comment Tags American tyranny, Axis of Evil 2.0, Beijing, China, Conspiracy, Doctrine of Disproportionate force, Halford Mackinder,   

Russia activates 40 Million Citizens. Putin activate 5,000 Shelters. full actual Military “ExerciseOctober 4th–7th'.

40 Million Russia Citizens. Putin activate 5,000 Shelters. full actual Military “ExerciseOctober 4th–7th'. A stunning 40 million Russians from all levels of government will take place in a civil defense “emergency evacuation” drill starting tomorrow. Federal agencies, heads of regions, local authorities and other organizations will take part in the massive exercise, which runs from October 4-7. The simulation will include 200,000 “professional rescue units” and 50,000 pieces of equipment,” reports Interfax. “Abnormal emergency rescue teams” will wargame “evacuation” procedures during a national crisis, according to the report. According to Oleg Manuilov, the director of the Russian Civil Defence Department, the exercise   

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Vladimir Putin's Purge

Mr. President Vladimir Putin, (Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin / Влади́мир Влади́мирович Пу́тин) Disclaimer: [ Vladimir Putin's Purge ]; This is a Science Fiction Fictional Characterization and visions brought about by Brain Damage at the age of four years old till this present moment have Experienced. I envisioned over the discourse of these 37 years. So, in a nutshell, this is how I became a visionary. Opt-edit:   As a anomalous intuitive linked up with the global synthetic quantum stellar intelligence; I know the inner workings of Mr. President Vladimir Putin, (Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin / Влади́мир Влади́мирович Пу́тин). Regards Mr. President Vladimir Putin, (Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin / Влади́мир   

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ISIS Sponsored and Supported by ISIL-SNLive and USA(?): [Part-0].

Published on Nov 2, 2014: A pair of radical thinkers tries to sell the Sharks on an up-and-coming organization: ISIS. 'Isis... Perversion of Islam', ISIL-SNLive Ughhhh there is just no limit to how stupid Hollywood can be.  ISIL-SNLive is Hollywood and do you mean the imaginary Jewish controlled Liberal ZOG-Conspiracy Media/News? Because SNL is filmed in New York that is the epicenter of all U.S. creativity. Anything related to the Jews and anything that remotely is bad is a conspiracy. A little confused, but I think I know what your trying to get at. What about Hollywood? Hollywood is just mean and heartless is what employeed celebrities within the ISIL-SNLive culture who are actors and actresses say and rant about. Noted, There are plenty of ISIL-SNLive first   

Tin Foil Hat Society: Introductory Video (Part 1) [ ASMR ]

A Multiverse is a set of finite or possibly infinite universes. Characters often refer to this as "The Rift". Published on Apr 3, 2013: The official Tinfoil Hat Society Introductory Video (Part 1 of this interactive ASMR performance / role play series). This is where it's all supposed to start. The Rift is often described as a portal to another time period or as a portal to an alternate reality. It appears to be dependent upon who uses the Rift and how. Multiverses allow for infinite universes and therefore infinite possibilities. This means that one character could completely contradict a fact from another video and both be true. While it is not known if all of the timelines in the Multiverse are aware of the Rift, it is generally assumed that the videos depict similar timelines   

Tin Foil Hat Society: Membership Enrollment (Part 2) Interactive [ ASMR ]

As its name suggests, all members of the Tin Foil Hat Society have tin foil hats which they wear at all times. Furthermore, members may have tinfoil ties, glasses, radars, etc. Published on Dec 7, 2012: The official Tin Foil Hat Society Membership Enrollment   

Tin Foil Hat Society: New Member Welcome (Part 3) [ ASMR ]

Their contact alludes to the fact that they employed Jack Cannon as an agent of the Tinfoil Hat Society. Additionally, it is said that John Green is a contact for the society. A commander in the societies name is "OptimumGolem3", but no other information is given. It is mentioned in the Secret Agent that Deep One Dave is an agent. In the same video, it is revealed that top secret agent Yuri Puuki has gone MIA (Missing in Action).  Published on Apr 3, 2013: The official Tinfoil Hat Society New Member Welcome (interactive ASMR   

Tin Foil Hat Society and the Peculiar Plastic Pouch Predicament (Part 4) [ ASMR ]

The Tin Foil Hat Society is a group which aims to protect its members from the nefarious organizations which currently operate across the globe, while providing a means to safely contact one another. Numbers are never revealed as to how many members are part of the THS, but the group is often described as "Large in   


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